Assistant Team Manager

Assistant Team Manager

Public Sector

An Assistant Team Manager in the Public Childcare Sector has the role of leading a district on the provision of childcare and young peoples services.This includes supporting schools and children's centres as well as line-managing support staff.

Personal skills

Minimum qualification would be NVQ level 2 in childcare to work in a setting or level 3 to move into a managerial role. Although increasingly degree level qualifications are encouraged. Skills: good communication skills; good team-working skills; ability to develop and implement new strategies; good organisational skills; good people-management skills


£19,000 to £28,000 per year

Key skills




Public Sector

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  • The public sector includes the police, teachers, doctors, the army and civil servants
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  • The NHS is the largest employer in the UK with over 1.3 million employees
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