Store Manager

Store Manager

Retail, Sales and Marketing

A Store Manager for a major retailer has the responsibility of ensuring the smooth operation of all departments within the store. This role includes. liasing with department heads, setting and fulfilling targets, organising publicity and staff recruitment.

Personal skills

This position is usually achieved through promotion from more junior roles within the organisation and can be related to relevant qualifications and experienced gained as a junior staff member. Skills: good communication skills; meeting targets and deadlines; motivating and managing staff; good organisational skills; good literacy and numeracy skills.


£20,000 to £30,000 per year

Key skills




Retail, Sales and Marketing

  • The retail, sales and marketing sector accounts for more than 10% of jobs in the UK
  • This is an important source of employment in each region of England
  • Over half of jobs in the sector are part-time
  • 60% of employees in the sector are women
  • Retail, sales and marketing is a fast moving and highly competitive sector