Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager

Transport and Travel

A Deputy Manager position for a retail travel agency is usually attained via an apprenticeship. Their role is to offer advice and support to staff as well as resolving issues for customers.

Personal skills

No formal qualifications are required to enter a travel apprenticeship, but good GCSEs including maths and english would be an advantage. Skills: good communication skills; team-working; adaptability and flexibility; good numeracy and literacy skills; good geographical knowledge.


£17,000 to £24,000 per year

Key skills




Transport and Travel

  • There are 65,280 enterprises in the UK travel and transport sector
  • The total UK travel and transport workforce is approximately 1,753 million
  • The number of women employed in the sector is set to increase from 22% to 30% over the 4 years
  • 8% of the UK transport and travel workforce is self-employed
  • Over the next 10 years, a requirement in excess of 250,000 new recruits is forecast